Selected Articles Related to FTD 

The Potamkin Award recognizes major contributions to the understanding of the causes, prevention, treatment, and cure for Pick's, Alzheimer's, and related diseases. Past and current ISFTD board members are bold.​​

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Potamkin Awards

1988 Robert D. Terry, MD
1989 Dennis Selkow, MD
1989 George G. Glenner, MD
1990 Colin Masters, MD
1990 Konrad Beyreuther, PhD
1991 Stanley Prusiner, MD
1992 Donald L. Price, MD
1992 Robert Katzman, MD
1993 Alison Goate, PhD
1993 Blas Frangione, MD, PhD
1993 Christine Van Broeckhoven, PhD
1993 John Hardy, PhD
1994 Allen D. Roses, MD
1994 Gerard D. Schellenberg, PhD
1995 Khalid Iqbal, PhD
1995 Steven G. Younkin, MD, PhD
1995 Yasuo Ihara, MD
1996 Peter St. Geroge-Hyslop, MD
1996 Rudolph Tanzi, PhD
1997 Elio Lugaresi, MD
1997 Pierluigi Gambetti, MD
1997 Sangram S. Sisodia, PhD
1998 John Q. Trojanowski, MD, PhD
1998 Michel Goedert, PhD
1998 Virginia Man-Yee Lee, PhD
1999 Arne Brun, MD, PhD
1999 Bernardino Ghetti, MD

1999 Kirk Wilhelmsen, MD, PhD
2000 Maria Grazia Spillantini, PhD
2000 Michael Hutton, PhD
2001 Dale Schenk, PhD
2002 Bart De Strooper, MD, PhD

2002 Christian Haass, PhD

2003 Ashley Bush, MD
2003 David Holtzman, MD
2004 Leon J. Thal, MD
2004 Roger Nitsch, MD
2005 John Morris, MD
2005 Ronald Petersen, MD, PhD
2006 Bradley Hyman, MD, PhD
2006 Karen Ashe, MD, PhD
2006 Karen Duff, MD, PhD
2007 Richard P. Mayeux, MD, MSc, FAAN
2008 Chester Mathis, PhD
2008 Clifford R. Jack, Jr., MD
2008 William Klunk, MD, PhD
2009 Berislav Zlokovic, MD, PhD
2009 Michael Wolfe, PhD
2009 Robert Vassar, PhD
2010 Bruce L. Miller, MD
2010 Lennart Mucke, MD
2011 Dennis Dickson, MD
2011 Eckhard Mandelkow, PhD
2011 Eva-Maria Mandelkow, MD, PhD
2012 Takeshi Iwatsubo, MD, PhD
2013 Eric M. Reiman, MD
2013 Michael W. Weiner, MD
2013 William J. Jagust, MD
2014 M. Marsel Mesulam, MD
2015 Peter Davies, PhD
2015 Reisa Sperling, MD
2016 Bryan Traynor, MD, PhD, MMSc, MRCPI
2016 Rosa Rademakers, PhD

2017 Kristine Yaffe, MD

​2017 Claudia Kawas, MD