ICFTD 2022 Site Bid Guidelines and Information

The Site Selection Committee of the International Society for Frontotemporal Dementias (ISFTD) invites bids, to be submitted by February 15, 2019, for the site of the 13th International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias in 2022.

The mission of ISFTD is to advance the understanding of nervous systems, including the part they play in determining behavior; to bring together scientists of various backgrounds and disciplines studying frontotemporal dementias; to facilitate the integration of research on frontotemporal dementias directed at all levels of biological organization; to promote education on frontotemporal dementias and inform the general public on the results and implications of current research; and to promote other activities that will contribute to the development of new knowledge on frontotemporal dementias.

The International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias (ICFTD) occurs every 2 years and is the largest meeting for researchers working on frontotemporal dementias. The aim of the meeting is to provide an array of opportunities for the advancement of information towards better understanding basic mechanisms, clinical characterization and progression, family and societal impact, and importantly any potential therapies for frontotemporal dementias.

 The first International Conference on Frontotemporal Dementias was held in Lund, Sweden, in 1986 to draw attention to FTD as a newly recognized form of non-Alzheimer’s dementia. Three subsequent meetings were hosted by the Lund group. In 2006, the conference took on its current form; a three day scientific meeting combined with a one day Caregiver Session, held every two years. In 2012, at the meeting in Manchester, UK, the ISFTD was founded, as the major society of FTD scientists, with one of its central mandates being to ensure the future of the conference. The ISFTD Site Selection Committee sought bids every 2 years since then, and selected the team of investigators from the University of British Columbia for the 2014 conference in Vancouver, team from Munich for the 2016 conference, team from Sydney for the 2018 conference, and team from Mayo Clinic for the 2020 conference to be held in Minneapolis. Although it is anticipated that the ISFTD may eventually take on a central role in actually running and funding the meeting, at the present time, the Society only directs the selection process and offers the support and advice of its membership for programming.

The ISFTD is now seeking bids for the ICFTD meeting for 2022. We welcome bids from teams of investigators who have submitted previous bids as well as teams who have not done so in the past. While it is generally viewed as desirable to have the conference alternate among different geographic regions, the decision will ultimately be based on the overall strength of the bids.


The host institution must underwrite full financial responsibility and risk for the conference. The ISFTD will assist those bidding in obtaining sponsorship.

 International Transport

  • An international airport, with regular, direct connections to all main airports world-wide, must be located close to the host city.
  • The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) must be in a position to address problems regarding visa access for participants coming from many different countries and, more generally, to expedite the visa process.

 Conference Venue Recommendations
The conference venue must be available for 4-5 days, one day for conference setup and committee meetings followed by 3-4 days of attendance by full conference. Accessibility for special needs (use of wheelchairs, hearing impairment, etc.) should be considered.

Facilities for at least 1,000 attendees to include:

  • 1 plenary hall with a capacity of at least 1000 persons
  • 3 rooms with a capacity of 300 persons (simultaneous sessions)
  • Smaller session rooms with a capacity of 60-100 persons
  • Space to display at least 100 posters per day, or over 500 posters over the duration of the conference
  • Exhibition space for sponsors, if required (at the meeting site, or in close proximity)
  • Office facilities for an ISFTD Secretariat (see also technical equipment requirements)
  • Luncheon facilities on the conference site or in restaurants within walking distance that can serve 1000 persons within two hours
  • At the conference site, or in very close proximity, the following services must be available: banking, postal, and public copy facilities, travel agency and medical services

Technical Equipment

  • Standard audio-visual equipment in all session rooms: computer with PowerPoint and data projector
  • Availability of other equipment including: internet connection, video player, slide projector, overhead projector, projection screen, white/blackboard or flipcharts, and a microphone system (if needed)
  • Office facilities for an ISFTD Secretariat of at least 5 persons equipped with computer, printer, international telephone/fax/e-mail facilities, internet connection, and copying machine, etc.
  • Cybercafe and WiFi on-site

 Hotel Facility Requirements

  • Efficient and reliable hotel-booking system
  • A distance between conference venue and hotels of no more than 10 minutes by public transport or 20 minutes on foot
  • Hotel accommodation of different categories for at least 1,000 delegates, including a significant number in lower price categories.


The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) must commit to manage and fund the organization of the ICFTD:

  • Rent conference venue(s), including exhibition and social events
  • Design conference posters and logo
  • Maintain an active website for conference details
  • Provide on-line system for registration and abstract submission
  • Provide on-line booking of hotel accommodation for participants
  • Deal with all visa issues for participants
  • Be responsible for the tasks associated with ensuring that the conference runs smoothly, including at least: establishing media relations, developing regional contacts, encouraging participation in the conference, mobilizing volunteers
  • Organize opening and/or closing reception
  • Organize a social program, for example conference party and/or other cultural events
  • Provide information on sight-seeing tours
  • Participate in the organization of scientific sessions, poster sessions, Caregiver Day(s) and CME accreditation in association with the Scientific Program Committee of the ISFTD – successful bid will be given more details on expected interactions with ISFTD Scientific Program Committee
  • Participate in organizing publication of abstracts ± invited speaker papers in a reputable journal


The anticipated costs of hosting the conference should be shown to be viable and a balance sheet prepared. The following financial aspects should be taken into consideration when preparing a bid. Please clearly specify the costs for each point; if the information is not available, please specify that it will be at added later.

  • Proposed registration costs, and what registration includes in proposed scientific and social programs
  • Conference facilities: rent and cleaning; technical equipment and support; signs and decoration; internet connection, WiFi and Cybercafe; poster and exhibition space; registration area
  • Conference materials: design of conference poster and logo; conference bag (incl. local information, maps, etc.); printed materials such as posters and leaflets; program book
  • Social events: opening and closing ceremony; reception; tourism programs
  • Exhibition: handling expenses
  • Cost of any Professional Congress Organizer company selected for the event, if applicable
  • List of potential sources of sponsorship and proposed funding


Bids, including all information requested, should be received by the ISFTD Site Selection Committee (see contact information below) no later than February 15, 2019.

 Please contact Brad Boeve regarding any questions and to submit bids:

 Bradley F. Boeve, MD; Chair, Site Selection Committee; bboeve@mayo.edu